Monday, April 25, 2011

A month goes by.

New haircolour, amber blonde.

At the salon, getting ready for a hairshow.

Soy mocha and blueberry bagel.

3am, coming home from an engagement party.

Lavender docs from Camden town.

Splitting a free macaron.

Boiled egg and soilders at Birdman eating.

Going out for cocktails at Golden monkey.

Going out for dinner with the girls.

Movie date with my bestie. Big hair and 90's denim.

Joanne and I at Birdman eating.

3am and at Jo's taking a shot of my make up before washing it off.

I own vans, who am I?

Fresh docs.

Louis and I before going to a house party.

Monday morning.

Louis asleep in my arms at the dinner table.

Easter Sunday breakfast.

Joanne bought us macarons.

My easter teacup since I was a little girl.

Brownies at Kristels tea party.

Louis and I.

Laying in Kristels bed, in her tracksuit.

Kristels tea party.

Kristels tea party.
Girls night out.

Heading out to Mistys diner.

Crucial product.

Kristels bed. In awe.

Kristel and I.

These photos are from the last month or so from my phone!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Cherry blossom.

There isn't much i enjoy more than a draped jacket that is so simple yet screams incredible. This is the one!
I am so in love with this kimono style Alida buffalo jacket and it is my new favourite piece in my wardrobe.

At the end of a busy week i had to put together a quick outfit for my friend Kristels birthday tea party. My jeans were on the ground and this jacket was still in the express post parcel, i put it all in a bag and ran out the door!
Cheap monday jeans, Intimo cami bra, Alida buffalo kimono, Prouds necklace, Tiffany earrings.

Must have been love...

Top from Alida buffalo and skirt from Nasty gal.