Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Collar tipped.

Spending the day out with friends.

First stop, brunch with Erin at Arcadia on Gertrude St.
Second stop, Jasmin's house to have tea and play with her babies Miller and Oskar.

Two things i thought of when wearing this outfit, I need to get my jeans taken up and I really love this clutch.

Christmas is fast approaching and I am so looking forward to time off work spent with family, friends and my mate.

Wearing Neon Hart shirt, Cheap Monday jeans, Miss Shop hat, Samantha Wills jewellery, Tony Bianco booties.

Soy latte with lemon & ricotta hotcakes topped with roasted fruits and mascarpone!

Arcadia, Gertrude St.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Electrically blue.

Brunching today with my friend Mel, I always have so much fun with her and although she is one of my friends who has known me for the least amount of time, I feel she knows me better than most. I always say... She just gets me.

Wearing a mish mash of pieces today as the weather has been so unreliable. Also, I've put myself on a one month shopping ban. So everything you've seen the last few weeks is recycled.

Wearing Bonds tee, Jeffrey Campbell boots, Alice In The Eve skirt, Topshop glasses and socks, Target blazer, Clutch from Nastygal and Jewels by Samantha Wills, Pandora, Tiffany, Greece and Evelyn & May.

Sweet tooth.

I love sweets. 

Gift box of 12 macarons from La Belle Miette.
Caramel, fudge, kit kat and malteser ice cream from Nordenfine Torquay.
Cadbury fruit n' nut.
Earl grey & chocolate macaron.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Sunny Sunday's.

Wearing my Black Milk 'Super Drape Top' as a dress, a benefit of being short.

Black Milk top, Tony Bianco booties, Samantha Wills earrings and rings, Zara bag.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Joanne Altham.

My friend Joanne's amazingly beautiful collection.
So proud to show these photos off that I took at her parade tonight.
She is such a talent, I don't even know where to begin.

I've watched this collection grow from a sketch on paper, Jo is so hardworking and dedicated, it was such a delight to see these designs float down the runway.

All pieces designed and crafted by Joanne Altham, including my dress and halo.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Para, Para, Paradise.

I've had Paradise by Coldplay stuck in my head for days, I literally cannot stop singing it and also doing bizarre interpretive dance moves.

Nicole and I love going to Jan Juc for brunch and ice cream. Sunday's weather was not ideal but as we were eating our ice creams the sun came out and stayed out so we just sat in this spot talking, laughing and in my case.. Singing and dancing.

Wearing Vintage jacket, Bonds t-shirt, Supre leggings, Vans, Tilkah bag (navy), Miss Brown bag (yellow) and jewels from Greece, Gazelle and Evelyn & May.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


It's become very rare for me to venture out of my house on a Saturday night. Weeks ago I planned to go out for dinner and a drink with the girls. My friends Joanne, Nicole, Mel and I went to +39 and Golden Monkey.

I have been dying to wear this crop and silver chain belt for a over a year! And in a mad rush to leave the house after realising we were half an hour late I quickly grabbed it all and hoped for the best.

Wearing Cheap Monday jeans, Alida Buffalo top, Jeffrey Campbell Tardy boots, Evelyn and May ring (triangle) Other jewels from Greece Spellbox and Gazelle, Belt from Shoptoast.