Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I've had a very abundant year so far and I can honestly say I am the happiest and most confident I have ever been and I think it shows in these photos, which make them even more exciting to share!

I added the Chain Spell ring to my collection for two reasons; one being I don't think I have ever had a chain ring before which excited me and the second because I wanted to complete my clear quartz collection and make it really powerful and unique. This ring adds quite a whimsical element to the mix and made me want to dress a little more feminine than usual too. 

I am so grateful for all the amazing oppurtunities that have come my way. Including being guest blogger for Save The Last Pinker and also hosting Stomping Ground for 'A day in the life of Megan & Melbourne.'
Which is in fact how these photos came to be. In the midst of cafe hopping and a trip to the NGV, we took some photos in the gardens of my truly beloved city to showcase my personal style.

Wearing Krystle Knight and Celeste Tesoriero rings from Save The Last Pinker, Everland skirt, Witu bag, Acne boots, Finders Keepers cape and Zara top.  

Photos by Melissa Findley. 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I have built a small collection of beautiful clear quartz and silver rings over the last month thanks to Save The Last Pinker . Which got me thinking of my ever growing collection of black, grey and denim clothing! I use to dress so flamboyantly, but something in me just switched. Maybe age? Maybe lifestyle? I'm not sure, but I do know that I am enjoying the more chic style of dressing. 

The fact remains though, that jewellery never goes out of style. No matter what stone or what shape you can always wear colour with jewellery even if your outfit is newspaper toned. 

What I love about these 3 pieces is that you can wear them with a formal outfit and it would look elegant or an everyday look like I have here and they look effortless and casually thrown on! 

Wearing Acne Jeans, Alias Mae boots, Witu bag, Uniqlo coat, Lack of Color hat and Krystle Knight and Celeste Tesoriero rings from Save The Last Pinker.

Photos by Jasmin Johnston. 

Monday, June 16, 2014


The whole time I was in Sydney last weekend, it rained. However, every time I would pull out the camera it stopped and the sun would shine. Lucky me!

Rain or shine, I had a great time! Some places I recommend if you're visiting soon are Reuben Hills, Gnome Cafe, O Organic Produce, Chefs Gallery, The Winery, Bread & Circus and Earth to Table. 

Wearing Premonition jumper, Pushmataaha ring, Finders Keepers skirt, Alias Mae boots and House of Harlow 1960 shades. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Justin and I met a few years back at a Black Milk shoot in Brisbane. On a family trip to Melbourne, he offered to shoot me for my blog. We only had an hour so after a quick coffee in Centre Place we walked around the Flinders Street station area and he took some photos of me in my hometown as we chatted about all things Melbourne!

Wearing Cameo top, Black Milk leggings, Alias Mae boots, Miu Miu shades and Kookai clutch. 

Photos by Justin Ma. 

Bondi Beach, baby.

I've just come home from a quick trip to Sydney over the long weekend. I was thrilled to be able to shoot this piece for Save The Last Pinker on Bondi Beach!

My blog is all about myself and Melbourne, however I love to travel whether it's near or far. Sydney stole a little piece of my heart this visit. I was so inspired by all the colours which seemed to follow me wherever I went... the art at the skatepark, jewel toned terrace houses, the moody blue sky and the flawless sand. 

Anyway, back to the jewellery... where to start! This stone changed my life. It draws out negative energy, invokes inner strength, draws out guilt and reverses destructive emotional programming, heals heartache, strengthens character and empowers feminine energy. 

I have always been into crystal healing, angels and tools such as oracle cards and so on, but after a relationship ending last year I really delved back into it in full force. And it was because of this stone, it found me and resonated with me more than any stone has before. 

When I first saw this ring, I almost fainted. My stars had alligned! I already had a huge chrysocolla ring, but this Pushmataaha piece really blew me away as it's simple, yet edgy, a statement piece that is not over the top, but holds it's own. 

The arrow symbolises aiming for your dreams. Something that speaks volumes to me right now. Never stop dreaming, but more importantly, never stop believing in yourself! 

Pushmataaha chrysocolla arrow ring, Uniqlo shirt, Acne jeans and boots. 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Salt Lake City, Pt II.

We were in awe of the pink water, but then the sun started to set and we were both losing our minds, I don't even know how we managed to take photos because we were carrying on like it was the first sunset we had ever seen. But, it was so beautiful and I was so thankful to be sharing it with Madeleine.

A sunset doesn't have to be on a tropical beach or a mountain top to make it spectactular. It can be just as special at home or like this, with the Westgate Bridge behind it. 

Life is beautiful, and you really have to savour every moment as you only live once, make the most of it and DREAM BIG! 

Wearing Zara dress, Acne boots and layered Cort Jewellery claw rings. 

Photos by myself Madeleine Armstrong. 

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Clear quartz with a side of cacti.


I am ecstatic to be blogging for Save The Last Pinker for the month of June. If you follow my blog and/or Instagram you will understand that jewellery is definitely my thing. It all started in primary school when those rubber bangles with glitter in the inside were all the rage and it snowballed from there. In high school I started making my own beaded earrings and come my late teens I was dreaming of the day I would own cocktail rings like Rachel Zoe and Mary Kate Olsen wore and my style became a bit more sophisticated. 

You name it, I've tried it and now as an adult I have definitely found my feet when it comes to my jewellery style. I definitely lust for rings more than anything and have a pretty epic collection. I opt for a lot of crystal and semi precious stone jewellery, usually set in silver and mixed with a statement or cocktail ring. Even if it isn't cocktail hour. 

When I saw these Kyrstle Knight rings I knew instantly I wanted both and knew I would wear them on these fingers. I love layers. The whole Krystle Knight range is beautiful, crisp and extremely versatile. Clear quartz is exciting for me too, as a big believer in crystal healing I am excited to have this beautiful cleansing and energy raising stone now in my collection. 

Wearing the Double Spell and Vapor rings by Krystle Knight and my own moonstone ring.