Monday, July 29, 2013

That delicious Spanish sun.

Walking back to our hotel along the marina in Barcelona after dining at 7 Portes. I had my very first paella and loved every mouthful.
Barcelona is a magical city. The weather, the lifestyle, the vibrancy and most of all the art.

Looking at these photos now I am yearning for the heat and the sun on my skin.

Wearing Manning Cartell dress (secondhand from a pop up recycle store in Elwood), Samantha Wills jewellery and Grecian sandals.

Beauty note: Napoleon Perdis Bronze Patrol and Mosaic Blushing.

All photos by Nicole Jakovidis.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Louvre Love.

I've always loved rose gold. I'd say because my Mum wears it and I've always admired it.
 I wanted this rose and peach set when I first laid eyes on it and this bangle (which is from the latest collection Midnight Sunrise) also stole my heart with it's tiny turquoise bohemian bardot stone.

It was such a thrill to flaunt my Samantha Wills jewellery through Europe. I  love Australian labels and wearing it always made me feel like I was wearing a little piece of home.

The Louvre is a fantastic place, both times I have been it's been ridulously sunny and the pyramid shines, it seems to blend in with the blue skies and clouds. The amount of art inside is mind blowing and somewhat overwhelming, you seriously need at least two days to see it all and to be able to enjoy it. The Mona Lisa is magical. Tiny in size, but huge in charisma.

Wearing Nastygal top, Samantha Wills jewellery, Tom Ford shades and bag from Rhodes.

Photos by Nicole Jakovidis.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Il Mattarello in Amsterdam.

In Europe, I started looking up food blogs for whatever city we were in. They gave us some of the best places that we would never have found on our own and we had the most amazing food.

This place, Il Mattarello was probably my favourite. You walk in and it has a rustic, but modern feel. There isn't many tables and no menus, you simply tell them you want to eat and dinner is served! The antipasto was absolutely amazing and for the main we had three types of ravioli! The ricotta and lemon was the most incredible meal I think I've ever had in my life. Everything was melt in your mouth delicious! And don't even get me started on the chocolate and nut tart.

If you go to Amsterdam, you simply MUST visit Il Mattarello. The address is Westerstraat 77 Amsterdam, Netherlands.

All photos by myself.

Sunday, July 14, 2013


I've only been to Amsterdam twice and the first time, stumbled across this awesome jewellery shop and bought the most amazing Lapis lazuli ring (see picture 6). We were hoping to find it again, but were unsure of the actual address. Lucky us, because we did!

Parwan, located in the 9 shops region on the corner of Herengracht and another street, which I unfortunately can't tell you because I had the card in my beloved travel diary which I sadly lost. If you love jewellery PLEASE try and find this shop, you won't regret it. 

I bought two rings this visit, one is pictured above (see picture 4) and another you can see on my Instagram  HERE!

All pictures by myself. 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Scandinavian sunrise.

There are so many thoughts that come into my mind when I look at these photos. Firstly, this morning changed my life. My first proper sunset! I was in Stockholm and had been out the night before, most bars shut at 2am so we went to our new friends hotel which had a jetty out front which we sat on and I took these photos. I started taking them at 2am and finished at 4am, such an early start to the day, the sun almost never set. We can't remember it ever being pitch black.

The water was so still and the clouds reflected in it. So whimsical and perfect I wanted to jump in and just float, but instead I took off my Acne boots and spent the morning dancing to Tracey Chapman and Roxette on repeat.

I hope these are as magical for you to look at as they are for me and they inspire you to live free, be strong and do whatever makes you happy. 

All photos by myself.