Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Proud, To be Australian!


Another Frances Smily number.. You could say I'm obsessed!

Also, my Minnetonka's arrived, they are the most comfortable shoe Ive ever worn!
I am loving black at the moment, It's usually a colour i wear little of but i am loving it! I promise the next post will be colour, I have the perfect dress!
My best friend and i bought our tickets for our Eurotrip today, words cant express how excited i am! London, Paris, Germany and Greece, here we come!
Frances Smily babydoll top, Dotti bandage skirt, Minnetonka thunderbird moccasins, Tilkah, Noir and a mix of jewels ive worn before.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Surprise, surprise.

This beautiful black bolero arrived for me in the mail from Frances Smily. A complete surprise. I knew a surprise was coming and i had no idea what! It's so cute, I'm excited to wear it in every way possible and play around with different looks.

Talking about surprises, is there anything better than receiving a hand written card? Or letter? Even a note left on your pillow?

I myself love writing people cards however i think its definitely a lost art.

Frances Smily bolero, Vintage dress and bag, Sportsgirl necklace.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's a nice day, for a white wedding.

My best friends brother got married, it was such a beautiful wedding at WerRibee mansion. My mum took these photos of me in the gardens, which are exquisite.

Stylestalker boho dress, Wittner pumps, Sportsgirl bag and sunnies, Tilkah, One of a kind and Jules Smith jewellery.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


If this isn't reason enough to go out an buy an Yves Saint Laurent ring, i don't know what is!

Totally crushing on them, in a big way.

I got this photo from Rumi's blog  If you like her style also check out this shoptoast

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Enjoying the last few days left of my holidays.
I have never been more relaxed. My days have consisted of
  • Lazing by the pool.
  • Watching Sex and the city.
  • Dinner dates.
  • Catching up with friends.
  • Playing super Mario.
  • Sleeping in.

    I got this Tee/Mini dress half price, I'm not really a T-shirt person but this one works for me!

Although i don't do it often, I love wearing all black.

Mink pink tee, Sportsgirl earrings, Dotti skirt, Savers platforms, Necklace from NZ Jade factory.

Beauty note: Chanel Jade nail colour.

Blue and green should never be seen, except with something in between.

I had this clutch given to me by a friend from Italy. Isnt it amazing?

I am obsessed with this nail colour!
Been meaning to try it out for months, i am in love with it in every way possible.

New favourite! Move over black!

Tilkah bangles, Disney couture small gold ring, Large gold ring from Mouche, Wristbands from Miijo.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I use to have a daily myspace blog, in which i spoke about clothing brands, beauty products, hair, other blogs, you name it!

However as myspace is a dying breed i now have a wordpress account!

I'ts very new and i am still learning the ropes, but the content is good...

Hope you enjoy and keep in touch!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Windy hill.

Dinner date with friends, was so windy i could only take photos in this doorway!

Another one of my Frances Smily garments, so perfect for a summer night, keeps the chill off and completly jazz's up your outfit!

These platforms are the best shoes i own and for so cheap, they seriously only set me back $7 at Savers!

I got these Prada sunglasses for my birthday off Dave, im so lucky! I am so in love with them. Tonight was the first night i have worn them, looking forward to using them this week as its going to be HOT in Melbourne!

I also got the necklace off a friend for my birthday, I love that its silver, i have been wearing alot of gold lately and i love the length off it, Thanks Bec.

Frances smily bedjacket, Fate silk top, Supre leggings, Sportsgirl bag, Prada glasses.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Nicole Richie news part II.

I'm wearing the 2 dresses i won from the Nicole Richie auction for the Richie Madden foundation.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Summer loving.

Went for a drive to Williamstown today and sat in a cafe, had a peppermint tea. It was delightful.

Vintage tunic (bought from Nicole Richie), House of Harlow jewellery, Siren wedges, Sportsgirl sunnies, one of a kind 'hamsa hand', Vintage bag.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy new year.

We met up with some friends down at the surfcoast for new years eve, when i took these photos it was about 6pm and 35 degrees.

We waited for a taxi and storm clouds rolled above us, by the time we got to our friends van we all sat down for a BBQ and the storm hit.
The temperature dropped about 10 degrees and torrential rain hit, lightning lit up the whole sky and it didnt stop raining all night!
I chose this outfit when it was hot, trying to be casual and glam it up a bit at the same time... (As much as you can from a caravan!)
Wrangler denim shorts, Fate silk singlet, Havianas, Tilkah, Mouche, Disney couture, Diva and One of a kind jewels.