Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy birthday to me.

Tonight i had my birthday dinner with a bunch of my girlfriends, mum and sister. Such a fun night and i got lovely gifts.

The best part about it was having a big girl group and its been a while since we have all been together, best way to start my birthday celebrations!

Awaiting my next birthday present... Dave! He gets back from New Zealand tomorrow.

Today was the first time in a while where i havent needed a jacket, that it by far the best thing about summer!

Kuku dress, Forever new clutch, Platforms from Savers, Tilkah 'aloha' necklave and bracelet, Sportsgirl sunnies, Angie mac gold chunky bracelet and One of a kind 'hamsa hand' bracelet.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nicole Richie news.

To see me on Nicole Richie news (one of my favourite websites) go to

Huge shout out to Belinda for using me as a guide for the blouse, i am so grateful!

And for those of you who want to know, i ordered the blouse in size LARGE from or you can wait until January/February to order it from the Winter Kate collection at Miijo.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Take my breath away.

I was so excited when my Frances Smily order arrived, it was everything i expected it to be and more.

I am cold blooded, always cold. If there is a slight breeze i am freezing. This is where this beautiful garment comes in handy.

It's so floaty and whimsical, I'm in love! Cant wait to show you the other pieces.

Kain singlet, Dotti skirt, Havianas, Frances Smily silk cardigan, Sportsgirl sunglasses, Tiffany, Noir and Maricino jewelery.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Girls not grey.

Today Dave and i did last minute Christmas shopping and Dave had to stock up on some things before his family trip to New Zealand. We had such a nice day, We also slept in, had brunch outside and i napped and read magazines in bed.
It was such a nice sunny day, i had to wear my new bag and something comfortable for shopping. Is there anything better than a slip from the op shop? No. They are so breezy and comfortable.

Still in love with this blazer Dave got me. Grey really goes with all colours and it such a nice change from black.
Sportsgirl bag, Vinatge slip & earrings, Tokito blazer, Mix of jewels from Sportsgirl, Maricino and some random.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dancing queen.

After attending my sisters dance concert, Dad, Dave and myself all went to McDonald's for a very late dinner.
I hate taking night shots, i have a standard camera and the shots always come out blurry.

I always dress up when going to a concert or the cinema, i like to make it feel like a special night/day out. I've been living in this sequin jacket, it literally goes with everything!

Nicole Richie for pea in the pod blouse, Sportsgirl jacket, Dotti skirt, Siren boots.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


For a lunch date today with an old friend i wore my new pearl shimmer jacket.

So in love.

Its getting warmer, which is exciting and annoying because i have built up a fabulous blazer/jacket collection the last few months.
Definately have to do some summer shopping and start tanning so i can actually wear shorts and skirts!

Sportsgirl jacket, Kain t/shirt, Tilkah bag, Wittner heels, LeSpecs sunglasses.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I wanted to share some haircolours and styles that have wowed me over the years.
But firstly...
Personally, i have had some great hair moments. In my teens i had long blonde ringlets past my waist! I then started hairdressing and throughout my career i have tried numerous colours. I have always had curly hair and definately prefer it, my curls define me, bouncy, fun, unorganised, not perfect and messy but always look good!
I love being blonde, it will always be my favourite because its part of who i am.
However going red was by far the best thing i have ever done to myself!
The confidence it gave me was amazing, i felt and still feel like a new person.
The only downside to having red hair is colour, you cant wear half the things you would as a blonde!
Being blonde you are like white paint, anything goes! But being red some colours clash. In saying this though, i have never looked as good in blue as i have being a red head!
For those of you who are scared of change, DONT BE!
Changing your hair doesnt mean it has to be drastic.
A few sunkissed highlights can be a big change and always look fabulous!
A shade darker can make a huge difference, giving a bit more depth and shine to your style.
Most of my favourite looks are simple.

The best change for me which i do every 6 months is a blunt full fringe. I love it and it completely changes your face and style!

This is an extract from my daily myspace blog

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Dinner with the girls, was dying to wear my new sequinned jacket!

Sportsgirl jacket, Supre dress, Samantha Wills peacock ring, Mix of new and old silver jewellery.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Topshop feather headband, Illionaire T-shirt (boyfriends) Diva earrings.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Style studio.

When i was in Sportsgirl today (buying my amazingly beautiful sequin jacket! i die!) i was waiting in line so picked up a brochure to kill time.

They now have a 'Style me studio' in which you book an appointment and a style advisor will give you (i quote) the ULTIMATE personal shopping experience!VIP fitting rooms, complimentary refreshments and no queueing at the counter.

The stylist will help you find the perfect outfit, Get you the right size and suggest a few looks that you wouldnt usually try, Tips to find the ultimate pair of jeans and inside fashion news!

(Phone: Bourke st store 9654 5859.)

Who doesnt want to be pampered and have a moment like the photo above?!

Style me silly,sportsgirl!

Ps- If you like my style and ever want advice, feel free to ask, i LOVE to help!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Frances Smily.

I fell completely and utterly in love with Frances Smily lingerie!
I have ordered the two jackets and a black camisole..
All of course to be worn as 'outerwear'

To check out the site, go to...

check out the 'Shop Nicole Richie' section!