Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Up against the wall.

This is the dress i bought off Nicole Richie for a charity to raise money for the 'Richie Madden foundation'
It was a cold day, but i really wanted to wear it!
I wore it with the collar and boots but didn't get enough good photos, the wind was unbearable!
Cant wait to wear it in summer with sandals on my feet and braids in my hair.

Secondhand dress, Vintage sheep's wool collar, Samantha Wills ring and random sunnies.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boots are made for walking.

Today was possibly the coldest day of the year.
This faux fur is an excellent wind shield.
Photos were taken quickly due to weather, but i thought the blur gave a somewhat grunge look!

Wittner boots, Bardot jacket, Supre leggings, Tilkah Sam wills and noir jewellery.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tall soilders.

After a night out last month and close to severe damage to my knee i decided to wear flats more often.
I got these boots on Friday and have not taken them off since, they are amazing and my fear of not being able to wear them with much was definitely unnecessary, they match EVERYTHING!
Spent the weekend at the beach and the day in Geelong with some friends, hence the extremely casual outfit!
Bought some new hippie tops and a floral party skirt which i am very excited to present to you within the next week, with the new boots, of course!

Le specs sunnies, Supre cardigan, Agent ninety nine tank/dress, Wittner boots, Tilkah & Samantha wills jewellery.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Been obsessing over earrings lately!
These are four of my most favourite and newest pairs, i have so many rings that i had to stop buying them, so now i have moved on to ear bling!
I apologise for not posting lately, i have had so much on my plate that i haven't had a chance, but i had a photo shoot with my friend Mel today so i will have some awesome vintage clothing photos for you soon!

1. Convent gallery @ Daylesford.
2. Tilkah.
3. Tilkah.
4.Convent gallery @ Daylesford.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Style stalker.

Been a fan of style stalker for a long time.
I only have 2 items, but am looking forward to getting these items for spring/summer!
The girls are very helpful and quick to reply to any questions that you have.
i highly reccomend the site.
Cant wait to parade around in the 'drummer boy skirt' in summer!