Monday, June 29, 2009

Video killed the radio star.

Lazy Sunday.

Factory girl is an amazing movie, Sienna Miller is FABULOUS as Edie Sedgewick.
What a sad, sad, story though.

Sportsgirl leggings, Wittner shoes (bought year and half ago) Vintage blazer and dress (worn as top) Cotton on scarf, BDMIX @ Tilkah handbag, Diva earrings, House of Harlow 1960 necklace.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thats amore!

Romantic dinner for two with dave, my shout.
Dave had a swordfish steak and i had a pork cutlet, both meals were superb.
If you live in melbounre, you have to try Madame Sousou on Brunswick st.
I havent worn this skirt for so long as it's a odd length for me being so short! i think it looks fabulous as a dress and will definately get more wear out of it this coming summer!

Temt skirt worn as dress (bought this time last year) Evil twin jacket, Siren shoes,Diva ring, Tiffany jewllery (on left hand) Earrings and necklace were gifts.
(Eel skin clutch from an independant bag shop with no tags, sorry.)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

To die for.

Each of these dresses tell a different story.
Oh, how i wish i had one of each in my closet.

Enough said.

Photos from

Monday, June 22, 2009

Precious stones.

'A gemstone or gem, also called a precious or semi-precious stone. Is a piece of attractive mineral, which—when cut and polished—is used to make jewelry or other adornments'

What i love about semi precious stones is that they all intermix, you can wear anything and all the colours blend together! Turquoise and Amber are my favourite and the blue and orange compliment each other.

Bardot jeans, Converse sneakers, Supre tee, Evil twin jacket, Eel skin clutch, Turquoise and amber ring from Gazelle jewellery, Howlite necklace and bracelet from Torquay market, Tiffany mesh ring and bangle and other bracelets from Maricino.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Let me introduce myself..

Megan Desmond.


Hairdresser and Make-up artist.

Describe a typical day?
Monday: day off work, run errands, usually don't wear make up!

Tuesday- Saturday: Work 10-6 cutting, colouring and styling hair. On my lunch break i walk around Melbourne looking at shops.

Saturday night-Sunday: See friends, go out for dinner/lunch dates, take photo's for blog, dress up!

Style icons?
I really love Nicole Richie and the Olsen twins.
I love Rumi from
and Karla from

Describe your personal style ?
I basically wear what i like, i see things and i buy them.
I never think will it work because 90% of the time, it does.
I love vintage, i love new, i love tough, i love girlie, i love masculine, you name it, i like it!
I couldnt describe my sytle, but your on my blog so you can see for yourself!

Favorite designers?
I love Alexander Wang and wish i could afford his label!

Favorite item/I feel best wearing?
My new leather handbag, it feels, smells and looks amazing.
Heels and amazing jewellery.

Never caught wearing?
Ugg boots.

Cologne, skin care?
Marc Jacobs, daisy and Tommy girl.
Skincare i am currently using Clinique, i've fallen in love!

Best stylish movies?
I loved Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the city.. every outfit was devine.

Favorite neighborhood restaurant?
Vegie bar, Brunswick st Fitzroy. Great service, tasty food and a great mix of vegetarian and vegan meals.

Currently reading?
The other Boleyn girl by Phillipa Gregory. I am reading it for the third time, i love...
Also the latest Russh magazine.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


She amazes me so much.

Pink panther.

Partying for a friend's birthday...
I bought this dress about a year and a half ago, I'ts my special occasion dress, its the most beautiful raw silk.

Vintage leather jacket, Siren shoes, Tilkah earrings, Sam Wills ring, Dress Reiss Radvanyi @FAT.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Manic monday.

I love entertaining.

On monday, my friends Dave and Kristel came to my house for lunch/afternoon tea with dave and i! We had blt's and chips for lunch and butter cupcakes with rose pink icing and green tea for afternoon tea!

At 4pm we found ourselves playing cluedo!!

We decided in the end to organise a games night, im looking forward to it very much so! I mean, its impossible not to have fun when guess who is involved!

Lee shorts, Vintage poncho & earrings, Wittner pumps.