Monday, February 24, 2014


Another sunday afternoon spent in Fitzroy. I am excited to be house sitting in Armadale next week for a fortnight and discovering some new places to eat in the 'other side of the city' I don't often explore. I definitely think I am more of a north side girl. I never really thought about it until now as I'm deciding where I want to live when I buy my own home.

I've also noticed in my blog posts I barely talk about fashion and style. Yes I'm into it, but I like what I like and I wear what I want. I often change styles and have a very eclectic taste in clothing/accsessories. I don't pretend to know much about trends and fabrics, I spend more time researching crystals then I do designers and more often than not when I buy magazines, it's purely for the pictures. I work full time as a hairdresser and have for almost a decade and this blog is a hobby I thoroughly enjoy.

At the moment I am bessoted with my new 'one of a kind' red clutch and am happy to be wearing my boots again, I never thought the Birkenstock coma would end.

Wearing vintage overalls, Acne boots, Knots & Knits clutch, Kookai tank and jewels from Amsterdam and Athens.

Photos by Jasmin Johnston. 

Monday, February 17, 2014


An exciting weekend for my family and I! I became an aunty Saturday afternoon after my sister gave birth in a whirlwind to my nephew, Reuben Jack. I am smitten with him and am so happy for Natalie and Daniel.

These photos were taken on Sunday in Fitzroy, Nicole and I got a coffee and had lunch at Vegiebar. Followed by a glass of red at my friends Bee and Kristen's house, a steak date with another friend, a Messina run and then a quick visit to see little Reuby... I had actually forgotten how much you can get done in a day!

Wearing Acne jeans and boots, Kookai singlet, Knots & Knits bag and Alida Buffalo kimono.

Photos by Nicole Jakovidis.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Smoothie central.

I am often posting photos of my smoothie bowl breakfasts on Instagram, so I've decided to share on the blog so I can elaborate on ingredients! I started playing around with my blender about a year ago, making the occasional banana/berry smoothie with spinach! Then my friend Melissa made me breakfast one morning and it was a smoothie bowl with gluten free muesli on top and it's been a love affair ever since!

I have spent time researching superfoods and also foods that are good/bad for rosacea. I no longer have banana, blueberries and spinach in my morning smoothie as they are rosacea triggers. Or cows milk in my chocolate/peanut butter smoothie! I think once you have the foundation of the smoothie you can put in foods that benefit you! Acai is always included, I use freeze dried and I have noticed a real glow in my skin since I started. I'm starting to introduce a lot of organic food into my diet so a lot of the ingredients are organic, I love Loving Earth and I use their goji berries, buckinis, camu camu powder, desiccated coconut and coconut oil.

Acai breakfast smoothie:
1/2 cup soymilk or coconut water.
1tbs vital greens powder.
1tbs vegan vanilla protein powder.
1tsp camu camu powder.
1heaped tsp coconut oil.
Frozen rasperries and blackberries.
Frozen (or fresh) mango.
Chia seeds.


Topped with buckinis, coconut chips or desiccated coconut, goji berries, shaved almonds or walnuts and fresh fruit!

Peanut butter smoothie:
2 frozen bananas.
1cup milk.
1tbsp honey.
1tbsp peanut butter.
1tbsp raw cacao powder.


Topped with coconut chips, cacao nibs, goji berries and shaved almonds!

Friday, February 7, 2014


For the decade that Nicole and I have been going down to Jan Juc we've always gone to the lookouts. Whether it's Jan Juc, Torquay or Bells, we love it! When  you don't live in a beach town, I guess it's a novelty.
 Wearing Karen Walker shades, Birkenstocks, Knots & Knits bag, Samantha Wills ring, Nastygal top, Sportsgirl shorts and Calvin Klein bralette.  

Photos by Nicole Jakovidis.

La dolce vita.

An afternoon at Bells Beach with fellow blogger and friend, Adrienne!

The Surf Coast has become my new home for the summer, not literally, I am still in Melbourne working five days a week, but find myself longing to be living the 'van life' in Jan Juc with the fresh, salty air and carefree caravan living as often as possible!

I guess this is why I haven't done many posts this year. I find myself spending most of my time in denim overalls and Birkenstocks with wild curly hair and no make up. This summer has taught me a lot about myself and awakened my soul to new feelings, dreams and a more positive lifestyle.

Wearing Sportsgirl bralette, Urban Outiftters Skirt, Miu Miu shades, Bonds jumper, Lack Of Color hat and Knots and Knits bag.

Photos by Adrienne Nicholls aka Lotdeux.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Boys toys.

When in Sydney at the Happy Socks showroom I came accross the kids socks and died! How ridiculously cute, I had to get some for Oskar. Styled and shot by me with help from his mum, Jasmin. This is Oskar Felix, my stylish and fun loving friend in his natural habitat. Showing just how cute little boys and their toys can be.

Wearing his own overalls, Happy Socks and Love Luck and Wonder shoes.