Sunday, June 27, 2010


There is no place i love more than my own bedroom, filled with things i love. 
Took these snapshots of some special jewels (a lot of which i got in my overseas travels) and things i love in my haven.

Pale ale.

For all of you wondering, no that is not my beer. 

Vintage slip, Samantha Wills ring, Tilkah bracelets.

Monday, June 21, 2010


Vintage jacket, Frances Smily silk cardigan, Tony Bianco boots, Hat from Dangerfield, Misc silk top, Samantha Wills ring and earrings, San Cerre bracelet, Tiffany bracelet and all other jewels from Greece.

Carole Lombard.

I love Carole Lombard. 
I love her beauty and grace.
Carole and Clark are my most favourite Hollywood couple. Ever. 

All images from google.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lady danger.

Heading out for drinks and tapas with friends! 

Tokito blazer, Stylestalker skirt, Office shoes, Samantha Wills ring and earrings, Lady danger lipstick by M.A.C. 

Samantha Wills.

Samantha Wills is a wardrobe staple for me. There isn't many times where i leave the house without something of hers on. 
I love the statement rings. 
If you haven't already make sure you check out her website. 
If you live in Melbourne you can find her jewels in Seduce (Melbourne central) and Tilkah (Highpoint, Chadstone, Melbourne central, Chapel St or Online )

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

il diario di moda italiano.

Some of my photos from Italy.
We had strange weather, it rained most days but the sun always came out at least once a day.
Venice was fabulous, I had no expectations and i absoloutley fell in love. Especially with the murano glass jewellery.
Seeing the history in Rome was amazing, the middle photos are from St Peters square.
Wearing some of my purchases:
 Khaki green swatch watch, white murano glass ring, navy leather bag and Topshop sunglasses.

My daily uniform was definately my bandage skirt and lace ups with a touch of Frances Smily to jazz up an otherwise very basic combo.

Dotti skirt (No longer in stock, i reccomend pleasure doing business ), Grey Kain tee, Wittner boots, San Cerre bracelet, Everything else is Frances Smily.

Parisian babydoll.

Some shots my friend took in our hotel room in Paris.
I am wearing a Frances Smily babydoll and tap pant combo with the parisian cardigan.
Also wearing my San Cerre beads which i wore all through Europe.
 St Christopher of course, patron saint of safe travels.

It is these photos that Frances chose to use on the Frances Smily homepage!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mall rat.

I am not a jeans wearer. I cant stand them, i never feel comfortable in them and i dont think they are flattering on me at all.
I definately live in my leggings, I bought these thermal pants to wear as leggings for winter.

Was in dire need of some sparkling water, cereal and the new issue of shop.

Frances Smily oh my darling chiffon wrap, River island blazer, K-mart thermals, Jewellery from Greece and Venice.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Puss in boots.

New boots. 
Enough said. 

Tony Bianco boots, Vintage dress, Forever new cape, Grecian jewels & Tiffany bracelet.