Monday, October 5, 2009

Sky blue.

Went out with friends on saturday as its the last weekend i can go out for a while, im having an operation and have to stay home, so i guess i wont have any new posts for a while either!
But ill keep up to date with some editorials and celebrity fashion that i love.

Bought this dress for $7 altered it, wore it and ruined it!
Im very upset as it is the most beautiful colour and style and i was hoping to make it into a top.
This is the price you have to pay for going a little too crazy on the dancefloor!

Vintage dress, Evil twin jacket, Wittner shoes, Shag clear lucite bag, Samantha wills ring, Tilkah earrings.

Beauty note: MAC lipstick in 'lady danger'


Anonymous said...

clear handbag?? hmm..

Megan said...

i love my clear handbag! there is something mysterious and intruiging about seeing what someone is carrying!

Anonymous said...

that colour looks amazing with your hair colour! love erica.