Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I wanted to share some haircolours and styles that have wowed me over the years.
But firstly...
Personally, i have had some great hair moments. In my teens i had long blonde ringlets past my waist! I then started hairdressing and throughout my career i have tried numerous colours. I have always had curly hair and definately prefer it, my curls define me, bouncy, fun, unorganised, not perfect and messy but always look good!
I love being blonde, it will always be my favourite because its part of who i am.
However going red was by far the best thing i have ever done to myself!
The confidence it gave me was amazing, i felt and still feel like a new person.
The only downside to having red hair is colour, you cant wear half the things you would as a blonde!
Being blonde you are like white paint, anything goes! But being red some colours clash. In saying this though, i have never looked as good in blue as i have being a red head!
For those of you who are scared of change, DONT BE!
Changing your hair doesnt mean it has to be drastic.
A few sunkissed highlights can be a big change and always look fabulous!
A shade darker can make a huge difference, giving a bit more depth and shine to your style.
Most of my favourite looks are simple.

The best change for me which i do every 6 months is a blunt full fringe. I love it and it completely changes your face and style!

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Alana said...

how long have you been hairdressing?

Megan said...

5 years this January! Love it...

Megan said...
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