Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Another Frances Smily number.. You could say I'm obsessed!

Also, my Minnetonka's arrived, they are the most comfortable shoe Ive ever worn!
I am loving black at the moment, It's usually a colour i wear little of but i am loving it! I promise the next post will be colour, I have the perfect dress!
My best friend and i bought our tickets for our Eurotrip today, words cant express how excited i am! London, Paris, Germany and Greece, here we come!
Frances Smily babydoll top, Dotti bandage skirt, Minnetonka thunderbird moccasins, Tilkah, Noir and a mix of jewels ive worn before.


Cassie said...

so cute i love this look

Danielle said...

I love your blog!!!!
I want to buy one of the Francis Smily little jackets do you have a preference between the peach and the blue? Also what size did you get them in? Are they true to size?

Zoe said...

i have mocassins almost identical to these, i brought them from rivers on sale for $15, everyone bags me for these but i agree, most comfy shoes i own!

Megan said...

Danielle! I love both of them I couldn't pick a favourite! The peach is on sale at the moment and the blue may be gone! The peach is a size large, as I like things loose! If you email Frances she is very helpful and lovely ask anything about sizes! Are you from Australia?!

Zoe, I can't believe people bag you! Moccasins are the best! I prefer them over ballet flats! (so over!)