Sunday, July 25, 2010

Turning Japanese i really think so..

Myself and everyone i know splurged a little on jewels this week.

It started off at a local gift shop 'Rap' near my work, they have a mix of brands. I got Liberte and Palas

Half of the rings im wearing are from Ishka, one of my most favourite stores! The other half are from Greece.

Ishka is heaven. You walk in and it is full of colour! I have bought numerous salt lamps over the years for myself and others.

My best friend Nicole's hand features in this post, she is wearing 'Ogre the top blue' from the OPI Shrek range. She is also wearing jewels from Ishka and Greece.

Vintage kimono from eBay.


Richie Riches for Less said...

really cute Vintage Kimono!!

Zoe said...

I loveeee Ishka, i have amazing jewels from there too. so unique! Sam is obsessed with the shrek range of OPI she has them all!!

Anonymous said...

lovely kimono