Sunday, October 24, 2010

Neon Hart.

A friend once said to me 'You really love your drapery!'
I cant get enough of anything shapeless and relaxed, which is why i bought this vest on a whim.

I spent the day with my friend Mel at the camberwell markets and a brunch date today.

I bought a crochet cardigan, a small patchwork backpack and a blush-nude coloured skirt with a striped black and white lining, hard to explain and hoping that when i wear it i can pull it off!
Neon Hart vest, Minnetonka moccasins


MelEll84 said...

So good to see you back on your blog:-) Gorgeous as usual!

Megan said...

Thanks Mel!
Stay tuned xx

Frances said...

Cutie! I really like the long floaty vest look - like a scarf with armholes!....I have been thinking about adding them xox

Megan said...

You should!
I would buy a few!
I'm wearing it now over the top of a cardigan, so versatile!