Sunday, January 2, 2011

New farm park.

My friend Sara took me to New farm park for my birthday.
We sat on a rug with ice creams and a book.

Top from general pants, Skirt from Camberwell market, Prouds locket, Ray ban sunglasses, Miss Brown bag. 


viviane said...

very hippie and grungy in fact! love your look :) Mixing up hippie and grungy styles is my favorite for 2011. Also do have a post about that.

all the best for 2011,

peace xx

Nicki said...

Lovely outfit, i cant believe how nice the weather is there!!!

Megan said...

Thanks Viviane!

Megan said...

Nicki, it was the best weather! Rined all week then the sun came out for my birthday!

Anonymous said...

That is the best skirt!

Megan said...

Thank. I love it too!
Very Carrie Bradshaw I thought?
I bought it at a stall at camberwell market, these 2 guys have some new and vintage. I always visit them!