Sunday, September 25, 2011

Instagram life.

Tough choice.

La Belle Miette treats.

Mania Mania at Green With Envy.

Presents from my bestie.

Saturday latte at Affogato.


Daily grind.

Black Milk peacock leggings.

Work gear.

Behind the scenes.

Always my choice.

Rum & raisin, Peppermint cookies and cream.

Cheese degustation +39.

Pumpkin and porcini mushroom risotto +39.

Black Milk Le Chat Noir.

My little buddy.

Samantha Wills.


Large chai latte.

Beach rat.


Selena Shalott said...

Hi love your blog. Where are the Tough Choice rings from? They are so cool. Esp together!

Melell84 said...

I always get excited when I see a new post come up in my Bloglovin feed from you Meg! Where is the white slouchy jumper from in you Jan Juc photo? Mel xxx

Melell84 said...

Nevermind... American Apparell!! xxx

Megan said...

Hi Selena! They're from Samantha Wills. I wish I had both!

Megan said...

Mel! Thanks so much. You can still get them I think and if you buy online it's free shipping. X

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm wondering what makeup you use on your skin? I adore your flawless coverage!!
Sara x.


those peacock leggings are incredible :)