Monday, January 30, 2012

For those of you who wonder what I do for a living!

A month or so ago you may remember I posted a 'behind the scenes' shot for the Evelyn and May shoot I worked on. If not, see HERE!

By trade I am a hairdresser so my friend Mel asked me to not only style the jewellery and looks but hair styling and also make up! These photos are the end result.

Photos by Melissa Findley.
Jewellery by Evelyn and May.
Model Joanne Altham.
Hair, make up and styling Megan Desmond (me).


Rich Girls. said...

joanne is sooo stunning.
i'm completely in love with the little bunny ear headpiece.
stunning work, megan! x.

Devon f. said...

great color palette for the shoot. I am IN LOVE with the color on her eyes, is it one I can get in the States?