Monday, September 10, 2012

From me to you - Win my signature style!

I am excited for one lucky reader to win this prize pack which consists of:

Samantha Wills Daydream on the Seine ring.
$75 Black Milk voucher for a pair of leggings of your choice.
Melli Cosmetics lipstick in Romance from Lipstick Republic.

To enter, all you have to do is:

 Like Megan & Melbourne's facebook page HERE!
Like Samantha Wills facebook page HERE!
Leave a comment on this post with your name, email and why you would like to win my signature style.

HUGE thank you's to Samantha Wills, Black Milk and Lipstick Republic.

I will announce the winner 9pm on the 19/9 on my facebook page and via email!

Good luck everyone!


Anonymous said...

Carre Olsen

I would love just those black milk pants, were the same size! the rest is a bonus. I only came across your blog today and I love it! I'll be following :)


Kaitlin Cohen said...

Kaitlin Cohen

Hi Megan,
firstly your style is flawless. I always look forward to seeing your new fashion posts and getting ideas I then can do to then add to my style. When ever I'm in Fiztroy, I'm always on the look out for you taking pictures :)
thank you for the opportunity :)

Anonymous said...

Alice Balcon

Hey Megan,
I been following you for a while on Instagram and have been stalking your blog all arvo. Let me just say wow! You photos are amazing and your style is fantastic! Love how you accessorise your outfits so well with your cute beenies and stunning samantha wills jewellery. I would love to win this prize because I would love to have a bit of your style in my wardrobe, make up bag and jewellery table! Xoxo ❤❤

ehlana said...

Ehlana Lang

I’ve followed you since the very beginning

Megan your style has always been winning!

From blonde hair to brown, and even bright red

“I hate wearing jeans” Megan said.

A style that’s Girly, hippie, grunge & chic

A wardrobe that makes my knees weak
I love how it’s effortless, simple but fun

Your styling choices are second to none.

Your fashion is magnificent in my eyes,

To win this would be the ultimate prize.

A little bit of Megan in my walk in
Would surely bring out an ear to ear grin

Black milk leggings to add some cool

To deprive me of this SW ring would be cruel

Last but not least a lippie by Lipstick Republic

Would become my go to outfit week after week

I’ve never won a thing in my life,

So pick me Megan, don’t think twice!


Anonymous said...

Hi Megan :)

I absolutely love a lot of the things that you wear but am never sure if I can pull it off. I'm only just starting to experiment with fashion and would love the opportunity to play around with you signature style!



Stephanie said...

Stephanie Alipio

I would love to win your style since you're such a HUGE fashion inspiration for me! I don't think I can make these outfits look as stellar as you can, but having a little piece of what you wear would be awesome! Thank you for the giveaway! :)

Anonymous said...

ira gosselink

I'd love to win something that is your style. I've been following your tumblr for the longest time and if I scroll scroll scroll down my dash, your posts always make me pause my scrolling ;) You are the one that made me discard my strict opinion/rule 'tights are not pants'.. hell girl you rock them! Now I want them too! Haha. I love how your style is sometimes with docs and beanies and sometimes cute and chic with skirts and dresses and rings and heels. The rings really go with anything and lipstick will make a girl classy as fuck :)

Ellora Virtue said...

Ellora Virtue

I would looove this AMAZING prize pack because it would be rad for summer! Also your blog is awesome, I actually just found it through this and am so glad I did :)

You are so generous to be doing this xx

Lauren Evans said...

Lauren Katy Evans

I would love to win this cause i'm in desperate need of a style overhaul and this would be the perfect beginning :)

Anonymous said...

Ling Tang

Hi Megan I'd like to say I really love your style and thoroughly enjoy your blog! The prize is amazing and the Blackmilk voucher is a lovely bonus to the prize x

Alicia Lloyd said...

Alicia Lloyd

I am obsessed with blackmilk!!
The voucher will help fund my addiction! :P
I've had my eye on the burned velvet leggings ever since I found out about bm and now that they are back I'm so stoked!

Rebecca Marcum said...

Rebecca Marcum

I have been desperately stalking your pages for so long, never being allowing myself to get anything because I'm saving up for University. Winning this would be a dream come true, and I could really do with some cheering up lately :)

also, I would promo your pages etc whenever you asked from that moment on.

pretty, pretty please?

StyleVulture said...

Cait Corrigan

Your style is something I admire and aspire to. As someone who is in between jobs, winning this would really help with the affordibility of great fashion!

Rebecca Wakefield said...

Rebecca Wakefield

Let's face it, you're an absolute babe. Your style is to die for and each and every look you come up with impresses me. And I'm not easily impressed! You're a gorgeous person for doing this give-away and the lovely lady/gent who wins is going to be super lucky that they can share your fabulousness!


Jessica said...

Hi, I'd love to win this contest, BM is my fave and that ring is sooo rad!! Im new to your blog, but let me tell you, you definately have a new follower. Great posts and wonder fashion shots.

Check me out sometime,


Anonymous said...

my darling prue,

i have seen you grow from a hip teenager (age 18) with a leopard print side shaved into your hair to a glamorous woman (age 25) with an eye for aesthetics.

i have supported your blog from day one and it's evolved into pure inspiration for many. there has been many a time when i peer into my massive wardrobe before i go out and manage to find nothing and search your blog for some fashion ideas.

i would like that ring because it's been 5 years since i have stopped biting my nails and i have perfected the self nail paint and my obsession with rings continues to grow. i haven't hidden my hands for years! i now flaunt them with OTT rings and i would love to add a SW to my collection.

i also wanted to say something nice on your blog to show how proud i am of you!

good luck to all the lovely ladies who have entered!



Tabs said...

Lauren Tabain

I like to get my 'fashion' inspiration from all places. I like to be original and unusual.

After flicking through your blog and all your beautiful photos I've come to really dig your style and self expression.
And they say imitation is the highest form of flattery!

Natalie V. said...

Natalie Vavrasek

Hi Megan!
Being from the US it's always interesting to see different brands and styles internationally. I'd love to win your signature style because I've never heard of that brand of lipstick and I'm a total lippie junkie haha. Also, like any sane person, I absolutely adore blackmilk!

I look forward to following your fashion journey on facebook!



Tori VanTimmeren said...

Tori VanTimmeren

That lipstick and the rockin' Seine ring with it's complimentary colors would look fantastic with the Galaxy pearl leggings (if re-stocked) or the Cathedral leggings!

♦ + ♱ + X = 8-O !!
(diamond ring + cathedral cross + kissy mouth lipstick = excited me!!)

bianca. said...

Bianca Kwan

I would absolutely love to win your signature style because I loveeeee everything you wear and post. I first found out about you when you did that shoot with Black Milk Clothing and have been following your posts ever since! Without your blog I wouldn't have come across some wonderful brands such as Samantha Willis and Windfall Jewellery <3 Anddddd I love you because you're from Melbourne! I live in Brisbane but Melbourne is my favourite city which is part of the reason why I love looking through your photos, to catch a glimpse of the place. It would be an honour to win your signature style and be able to experiment with it and incorporate it into my own wardrobe :)

Skyler said...

Skyler Ellis

That ring is gorgeous. Coral and turquoise has to be my all time favorite color combo, plus BM's the bomb, enough said :)

Anonymous said...

Wow Megan so many wonderful, inspiring, funny and creative posts you have to choose from . Good luck! K

Anonymous said...

I love Megan! She is an amazing person in every way!

Megan's blog has alway been inspiring to me, not just in the way she shows her creativity in her style, but also how she lives her life the fullest! It makes me excited to do the same!

xoxo Kristel

Cassie said...

Hi There! I love your style. So unique and pretty! I LOVE LOVE LOVE blackmilk and would love the opportunity to combine them with your style. Definitely following you with keen interest! Good luck!!
Xo Cassie

MelEll said...

The first post I stumbled across from Megan and Melbourne (My Name is Megan!) was a set featured on Nicole Richie News cruising around the supermarket looking for fruit salad to take to the movies and wearing Winter Kate, or A Pea in the Pod rather. I was officially hooked - and still am! 

Journeying with you across your evolving style, your ever changing hair styles and your love of sweet baked goods consistently and continuously inspires me with each new post to enjoy fashion, food, family and friends. To enjoy life!

I'm not sure anyone can do "Megan" signature style the way you can, but I would love to have a bite sized chunk with SW and Blackmilk:-)

I look forward to more evolution both in style and in life and as long as you are blogging about it, I'll be reading about it!

Much love Miss Megan xxx


Sharni Ross said...

Sharni Ross

I have been following your blog for a few months now, and I am in awe of your style. I have been struggling at to completely secure my own sense of style and I love looking at what you do with simple pieces which get me motivated to create fun and fabulous outfits!

S x

Miss Emmi said...

I love the fact that you epitomise melbourne style. Since I live here too, it inspires me to do my best to dress as sharp even though the days may be gloomy or unpredictable! My style has always been 'vintage with a twist' and you give ample inspiration for the 'twist' part! Would love to win your signature style.


Anonymous said...

Lillian Hancock

Omg super excited about this. Thanks for reminding me this morning. P.s nice hair cutting atm ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Megan, your fashion sense is amazing and inspiring. I love how you use small, simple accessories to spice up an outfit. Samantha Wills' jewelry pieces are absolutely beautiful and Black Milk leggings are to die for. I love accessories and experimenting with different styles. But as someone who is a little on the short side, it's sometimes difficult to get lovely outfits. So, winning this prize pack would be a dream come true for me! Please pick me~ x

Joanna Gan

ebony said...

Ebony Sharman

Things I love about megan&melbourne

1. Exceptional style, hands down!
2. Our shared love for Melbourne
3. Our shared obsession for Melbourne eateries
4. Discovery of Samantha Wills (my bank account may not be AS in love with megan&melbourne!)
5. I absolutely LOVE that Megan is a gorgeous normal sized girl.

...and i NEED to have that ring, it's a life and death matter!

Ebs x