Sunday, December 9, 2012

Got my bad baby by my heavenly side.

I met Sophia and Jessica back in June and started following them both on Instagram. They have a very strong chemistry and I really wanted to use them in a shoot inspired by the Lana Del Rey clip Summertime Sadness.
I spoke to Melissa and we planned the shoot together for the eleventh day of the eleventh month and got lucky with perfect weather. Shot in North Fitzroy and Black Rock here are the shoots from our set 'Got my bad baby by my heavenly side'.

Models: Sophia Liordos and Jessica Marsh.
Photography: Melissa Findley.
Styling: Megan Desmond using a mix of models own clothes, stylists own accessories and Hatsumi's Laundry.
Hair: Megan Desmond.
MUA: Briana Rourke.


Marlee said...

absolutely love it! especially the jewelled headpiece!

Megan Desmond. said...

Thank you, Marlee. I love the headpiece too, my treasured jewel. said...

seriously, so amazing, you and melly are magic makers - i thought i recognised that bejewelled headpiece, just wonderful and defintley full of summer time sadness. i've never smoked, but fashion photography feat ciggs, always looks so damn cool.