Monday, January 28, 2013

Celebrate good times.

 Because of the new blogger layout it's easier for me to see drafts I haven't posted! This little gem was sitting in there and I have no idea how I let it fly under the radar. Last year, in the time frame of a month or so I had all these parties (two kitchen teas and two childrens parties to be exact) that had beautiful food and presentation that I wanted to share.

There really isn't anything I enjoy more than hosting afternoon tea parties and I can't wait to do so when I have my own apartment.

Here's to many more parties and bellies full of tea and cake in 2013!


Anonymous said...

Great photos, thanks, that fruit cake is a great idea looks so different and refreshing. The Macaroons, looks also delicious where do you mainly get them from?

Anita said...

What an array of food. Goodies always look wonderful and special with beautiful plates and lace etc.Thanks for sharing. mmmmm

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