Thursday, July 17, 2014

Monk with Stomping Ground & Melissa Findley.

A few weeks back, I spent the day with Stomping Ground. Showing Aleesha some of my usual Melbourne haunts and my ideal Melbourne day. Followed closely by Melissa who captured the day.

First stop was Monk Bodhi Dharma. I come here a lot, if you follow me on Instagram you would already know this! Not only do they have a huge vegan menu, the food is delicious and the coffee is amazing, you can even have an almond milk latte. Oh and the chai lattes are INCREDIBLE, super spicy, just how I like them.

More often than not I get the pancakes, but this particular morning I had the quinoa porridge. It was mind blowing!

One thing I will say is don't be turned off if you can't get seated right away. You can sit outside and have coffee whilst waiting! It is quite a small cafe, but honestly so worth the wait.

Photos by Melissa Findley. 

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