Monday, September 29, 2014

I found heaven on earth at QT Sydney.

I never really splurge on hotel rooms, purely because I am always out and about discovering the city, shopping, or out eating my way through the town and it seems unnecessary! But because I was only in Sydney for one night (and solo) I thought I would book myself into QT. 

I walked into my room and was literally floored. It was STUNNING and looked so much better than the photos, it was a whole lot bigger than I imagined too. It's glorious from every angle and such a pleasant place to be. 

I attended an event, and excitedly came back to my room desperate to order some room service, have a bath, and jump into the huge marshmallow bed. It was everything I thought it would be... The lady who took my dinner order was so nice and friendly on the phone, and even helped me out with breakfast (I already knew I would be getting breakfast in bed the next morning) as it wasn't on the room service menu, but she brought me one up from the cafe downstairs so in the morning I could call through. Both meals were fantastic, and I felt super relaxed eating them in my personal haven. 

Everyone working at QT was super helpful and all had big smiles, being in the service industry myself I appreciate when the level of service is this good. 

I wont say much more, I think my photos speak louder than words. But please, do yourself a favour and book yourself in at this incredible hotel. You won't regret it. 

Photos by myself. 

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