Friday, July 17, 2015

Baby Shower to celebrate Baby Guy.

I haven't posted on here for so long, life just got in the way! I was pregnant in my last few posts but didn't know it yet, and I am now VERY pregnant and expecting a baby girl in less than 4 weeks (and counting)!

I wanted to share my baby shower as it was such a beautiful day. My loved ones came together to celebrate my pending arrival and my journey to motherhood. It was everything I ever dreamed my perfect shower would be. 

The food was incredible! I have to thank Sticky Fingers Bakery for the Mojito cake (rum, lime, native river mint, raw sugar and meringue buttercream), Mister Nice Guy for the vegan Peppermint Patty cake (Peppermint frosting on chocolate cake, topped with chocolate ganache), and my family and friends for contributing to all the amazing food on the table.

My best friend Belinda made my photo frame, a notebook for guests to write notes to me and the baby in, and a calendar for everyone to guess the date, weight and time I will have the babe! My baby's Aunty Kate did the decorations (those ah-mazing balloons), and flowers and a very special friend, Alysia of Events Enchanted Garden set up and prepared fairy floss on the adorable pink cart and supplied the cake stands, lolly jars, bunting, vases, and the mini blackboards! 

All photos by me. 

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