Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thats amore!

Romantic dinner for two with dave, my shout.
Dave had a swordfish steak and i had a pork cutlet, both meals were superb.
If you live in melbounre, you have to try Madame Sousou on Brunswick st.
I havent worn this skirt for so long as it's a odd length for me being so short! i think it looks fabulous as a dress and will definately get more wear out of it this coming summer!

Temt skirt worn as dress (bought this time last year) Evil twin jacket, Siren shoes,Diva ring, Tiffany jewllery (on left hand) Earrings and necklace were gifts.
(Eel skin clutch from an independant bag shop with no tags, sorry.)


Maverick Malone said...

Swordfish...yum :) Those shoes are the pair on the left.

.chaos.cartel. said...

those shoes look like books from an old english bookshelf.
sooooooo good.

Megan. said...

thanks, i picked them up for a third of the price as well only because they were the last pair!