Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pink panther.

Partying for a friend's birthday...
I bought this dress about a year and a half ago, I'ts my special occasion dress, its the most beautiful raw silk.

Vintage leather jacket, Siren shoes, Tilkah earrings, Sam Wills ring, Dress Reiss Radvanyi @FAT.


Anonymous said...

Hi Megan. I think your blog is interesting and I think what you're trying to do is really good. But - Fat is a boutique. When you say dress from Fat, it's not like saying dress from Sportsgirl. Fat stocks specific labels - if you want to have a fashion blog I think it would be a good idea to list the label of the dress, not just the store you bought it at! Cheers, Anna.

Megan. said...

thanks anna, i am planning to post the brand i just dont have the dress at home at the moment and i dont know the correct spelling, as i dont get many comments, didnt think anyone would pick up on it :) stay tuned.