Thursday, August 13, 2009

Let me introduce myself, pt II.

favourite colour?
orange and yellow. all shade variations.

favourite food?
I'm allergic to dairy, wheat, soy and nuts, so I'm usually happy with whatever i CAN have..


favourite eatery?
i love the Vegiebar and Madame Sou Sou on Brunswick st.

favourite celebrity?
I have many favourites.
MK, Nicole Richie, Sarah Michelle Gellar.

favourite jewelry brand?
i love House of Harlow 1960 and Samantha Wills.

most prized possession?
a ring my pop bought my grandma, my Louis Vuitton purse, the jewellery my boyfriend has bought me.

favourite shopping venue?
Melbourne! i enjoy Chapel st and Chadstone. i also like my local op shops. (i can shop anywhere!)

favourite website? and (of course!)

favourite online shop?

what do you do on weekends?
i shop, see movies, spend time with my boyfriend and friends. i like to go out dancing and have dinner/breakfast dates.

what inspires you?
magazines, people on the street and friends.

hairdresser and make up artist. id like to further my skills and learn millinery or jewelry making.

to travel the world. be a mother and have a clothing/jewelry store.


bryna said...

seems like we have the same taste in jewelry!

Megan said...

I'm in love with both brands!
I got new house of Harlow just this week, very exciting.

Anonymous said...

megan its look very beautiful on you...and i have also the same food taste ..
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