Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lift off.

Its been so long since i have done a post!
I have heaps of shots but as i was staying at my friends house for a week i had no way of uploading, so look out because now i have four new amazing posts that i love and cant wait to show you!
Last night we went out for some friends birthdays!
I cant remember the last time i went out on the town, seriously!
Dave and i have been having movie nights and dinner dates and waking up early sundays to have road trips.

Sunny girl dress, Siren boots, Ladakah fur(faux), House of Harlow 1960 necklaces and ring.


Zoe said...

I have almost that same fur but from valleygirl!!
i also have that sunnygirl dress. it was my santa dress!

your beautiful! xo

Anonymous said...

i love your is very awesome.the dress suites your are looking very gorgeous in it..
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