Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Style stalker.

Been a fan of style stalker for a long time.
I only have 2 items, but am looking forward to getting these items for spring/summer!
The girls are very helpful and quick to reply to any questions that you have.
i highly reccomend the site.
Cant wait to parade around in the 'drummer boy skirt' in summer!


Anonymous said...

im in loveeee with the red cape! although, i have pretty broad shoulders so im scared it might make me look like the wolf rather then little red riding hood! =[

rachel Zeilic said...

hi megan,
thanks for the continued support! its comments like these that keep us going
x rachel stylestalker

bryna said...

love all of these. that cape is INCREDIBLE!

Megan said...

Your welcome Rachel! When I have some $$ I'll be putting in a summer order!