Sunday, September 27, 2009

Boots are made for walking.

Today was possibly the coldest day of the year.
This faux fur is an excellent wind shield.
Photos were taken quickly due to weather, but i thought the blur gave a somewhat grunge look!

Wittner boots, Bardot jacket, Supre leggings, Tilkah Sam wills and noir jewellery.


Anonymous said...

What's your style? Every post is completely different!!

Megan said...

hi anonymous, i cant say that i have one style because as you said its always different!
i guess im not really a smart shopper in the sense that i love EVERYTHING and have so many style variations and have a lot of impulse buys and then think, wow, what am i going to wear this with!?.
but, thats what makes me who i am!
hope you enjoy xx