Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fashion journal.

This is an extract from my daily fashion blog on myspace:

I am currently saving to go on a Euro trip next year.

In saying this I must inform you that I am complete sucker for shopping. I love it. I want it. I need it.

Nothing feels better than a brand new cocktail ring or a vintage blouse or even fresh underwear!

Unwrapping your new item out of the tisue paper or even pulling it out of the crisp paper bag makes me feel so happy and excited I could BURST! It's out of control, or as the legendary Rachel Zoe would say "OOC"

With this current addiction it is extremely hard for me to save my pennies. It's also hard to store anything more in my already cramped and not so comfortable room!

I have so many AMAZING things to wear that 'i died' over when I bought them, but because it's the actual purchase that gives me the buzz I can get over them ridiculously quick. I am going to start wearing all the clothes/bags/jewels I already have and sell what I can at markets and or a garage sale.

(please note I still have a small wishlist that I am going to purchase but it's the impulse buy that has to end, I've posted pictures above of a couple of new House of Harlow items on my list.)

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