Friday, November 27, 2009

Style studio.

When i was in Sportsgirl today (buying my amazingly beautiful sequin jacket! i die!) i was waiting in line so picked up a brochure to kill time.

They now have a 'Style me studio' in which you book an appointment and a style advisor will give you (i quote) the ULTIMATE personal shopping experience!VIP fitting rooms, complimentary refreshments and no queueing at the counter.

The stylist will help you find the perfect outfit, Get you the right size and suggest a few looks that you wouldnt usually try, Tips to find the ultimate pair of jeans and inside fashion news!

(Phone: Bourke st store 9654 5859.)

Who doesnt want to be pampered and have a moment like the photo above?!

Style me silly,sportsgirl!

Ps- If you like my style and ever want advice, feel free to ask, i LOVE to help!

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