Sunday, April 4, 2010

Peachy keen.

Last night out in Melbourne before i leave!
Spent the night with my best friends, mostly laughing.

It has been so long since i have actually gone out and dressed up, it was so fun getting ready.
I had a few new eyeshadows that are amazing from MAC, blanc type and ricepaper are my new favourite.

Today is Easter Sunday in Melbourne.
Hope everyone enjoys spending time with family eating chocolate and hot cross buns! But also remember the true meaning of Easter.

Wearing this beautiful Frances Smily kimono robe. It is so soft and silky and surprisingly very warm!
I got so many compliments, i hope you like it too!

Frances Smily kimono robe, Frances Smily black babydoll, Agent ninetynine blacks horts, Siren shoes, San Cerre bracelets, Tiffany mesh bangle, Von Treskow coin ring and earrings, Samantha Wills spider ring, Equip clutch.

Beauty note: Chanel Genious lipstick and Sportsgirl envy nail polish.


Tricia said...

beautiful! beautiful! I RT'd your post on my twitter. :)

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous - do the kimonos come in any other colour?

Megan said...

Thanks Tricia!

You can get it in emerald green! It's beautiful!

anina said...

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