Thursday, June 3, 2010


I got home from Europe today and could not wait to start sharing some photos with you! First things first though, I spent the day with my family and boyfriend, unloaded all my shopping and finally ate some vegetables!

I think the 'Parisian' Frances Smily cardigan looks so whimsical in black and white photos. 
These were taken in a palace garden. 

I lived in my black leather Wittner boots all through London, Paris, Amsterdam, Germany and Italy! 

I did however finally find some amazing black Grecian sandals in Santorini, I have so many amazing photos and purchases to share with you.

Stay tuned!

Borrowed Bardot jeans, Topshop sunglasses, Vinatge leather jacket, San Cerre and Tiffany bracelets.


Anonymous said...

wow lovely pictures

Anonymous said...

very lovely photos the Frances smiley top looks sensational on you

Megan said...

Thanks very much! It is a fabulous little cardigan, my favorite piece xx

Anonymous said...

love your hair in this photos!=)