Friday, November 5, 2010


Melbourne spring racing carnival.
These photos are of me celebrating the 150th year of the Melbourne cup.
I had so much fun being a social butterfly that i did not even watch a race....

Decided last minute to wear my old faithful Kookai headpiece that a bought on a whim a few years back.
If im wearing it i always feel like a princess. 

I bought this dress when i was in Byron bay last weekend, it was a love at first sight dress.
I love it purely because it looks like a garbage bag.

Fate dress, Wittner boots, Alannah Hill stockings, Samantha Wills and Noir ring, Kookai headband.


Anonymous said...

I love your new hair colour!! It's really nice, is it balliage? I want a similar colour but have no idea what to ask my hairdresser :)

Megan said...

Thank you!
I love it so much, so easy to maintain.
The best advice i can give you is to print one of these photos and show your hairdresser a visual.

What is your hair like?

I am a haidresser, if you live in Melbourne..

Anonymous said...

I will definatley do that, at the moment I've got a full head of blonde foils with lowlights but I need a change, and I'm sick of the re-growth!! I live in Sydney :)

Megan said...

Well you have the perfect base!
All they need to do is do a newgrowth tint then bring it down as low as you want the dark to be (I like mine about ear level) and then use a biscuit/beige toner on the ends, it's THAT easy!

Frances said...

You are looking happy & beautiful - even in a garbage bag - not everyone can pull THAT off! I am glad to see that xxoxxo

Megan said...

Thanks Frances! My mum was mortified that i wrote that. But i have an obsession with the fabric and the fit.

I am loving the new website Frances LOVING IT!!!