Monday, February 21, 2011

Like a prayer.

I bought this loose top off nasty gal thinking i would put it away for our Winter! However, seeing as we had the worst summer i have ever experienced in Melbourne, I can now wear it in February, which is usually our hottest month. You can see in this photo, the wind is blowing my hat off my head!

Over my summer holidays i visited friends in Brisbane, i bought this black cross necklace at a shop called Dissh.

We have a friend visiting from Seattle so today i took her to Brunswick st and we visited T2, Shag and Vegiebar (my favourite places) I saw two vintage bags that i really, really, really would have liked to buy! They were so different and perfect festival size.

Nasty gal top, Supre leggings, Tony Bianco boots, Hat from Dangerfield.


Zoe said...

I have a turquoise cross almost the same from docklands markets the lady handmakes them! Sam has one the same colour as yours!

Megan said...

I would love a turquoise! I'll have to check her out.