Saturday, August 27, 2011

Took this love and I took it down.

Samantha Wills ring, Black Milk top, Vintage scarf.

Sportsgirl jacket, Black Milk leggings, Ring from Venice, Bra and shoes models own.

Vintage leather jacket, Black Milk swimsut, Samantha Wills ring.

Black Milk leggings, Models own bra, Stephanies shirt and necklace.

Vintage velvet dress, Camille and Lucie ring, Noir ring.
Samantha Wills ring, Black Milk swimsuit.

Black Milk leggings, Sportsgirl jacket, Models own shoes.

Stepanies shirt and necklace.

Black Milk swimsuit, Vintage leather jacket, Samantha Wills ring.

Faithfull lace dress - Nast Gal.

Samantha Wills ring, Black Milk top.

I was asked by a photographer Stephanie to style one of her shoots. We have been meaning to do a collab for such a long time, we met up over macarons and threw around ideas.

The theme was quite raw and edgy but still quite natural. What do you think? I am very happy and proud of the photos.

I really loved working with Steph, stay tuned for more.

PAM Fangs necklace worn throughout.

Photographer: Stephanie Cammarano.
Styling: Megan Desmond.
Model:  Morgan @ Maverick Model Mgt'

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the photos,how exciting to do a photo shoot, really great to see your clothes on a model too it was a great concept raw the styling was great looks like professional you are on the way cheers