Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tryst, An appointment to meet at a certain time and place. One made somewhat secretly by lovers.

Last night I had a moment. I got dressed and left the house, only to turn around and get changed.
I am so happy with my new outfit, I think it totally rocks.

I went to Tryst last night for my friend Mel's birthday. It's set up in a house so you feel like you're at a house party, which was really cool. Definately a good location for a birthday.

Wearing Vintage shawl, Samantha Wills rings, JC boots, A mix of Grecian, Tiffany, One of a kind and Vintage bracelets and Dangerfield hat.
(The dress i got years ago from a random boutique in Darwin, the brand is called Cyn.)

Beauty note: Napoleon All That Shiraz colour disc on eyes, M.A.C Up The Amp lipstick.

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GPVS said...

Love the hat