Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Behind the scenes of another Stephanie Cammarano/Megan Desmond collaboration.

Samantha Wills.

Grecian bracelets and Low Luv rings.

Clara's Cross of St Peter leggings.

Prepping Courtenay's next outfit.

Wish I legs like Courtenay and Pelagie.

In Season Vintage maxi dress and Topshop headband.

My cousing Celine who helped us all out.


Mix of Evelyn and May and my own jewels.

Courtenay in the Wallpaper leggings.

Courtenay in the Vamp swim.

Black, white and silver.

New favourite accessory.

Evelyn and May with the Bee swim.

Clara's studded Lita's.

Most used silver pieces.

Last minute hair change, using a bracelet to make an awesome scrunchie!

Metallica and Jellyfish.

Courtenay modelling an In Season Vintage dress.

I always love working with Steph. She has a great passion for her craft that is infectious when you're around her!

We wanted to create a 90's inspired feel using Black Milk pieces but it still be modern and raw. I've seen some of the final photos and they are amazing!

Our models are Courtenay and Pelagie from Giant Management.

Photos by Celine Pearse and myself.

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Love the Topshop hair band!