Monday, April 2, 2012

Milk it.

You've seen the behind the scenes shots but here is the real deal!

Milk it.

Another collaboration between Stephanie and myself.

A huge thank you to Cam at Black Milk Clothing, Mel at Evelyn and May and Kristy at In Season Vintage for letting me loan their goods for the shoot.

Models: Courtenay and Pelagie @ GIANT.
Stylist: Megan Desmond.
Assisiting stylist: Clara Soukar.
Make up: Sarah Baxter.
Hair: Bonnie Taylor for Hairroom Melbourne.

These photos are an editorial set and were published online over at Stray.

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Anonymous said...

I love your styling prowess. The theme runs with the clothing and background. The tops and bottoms of BlackMilk items is a great combination. Well done. Hope more people pick up on your eye for styling. I enjoyed the shots. Makeup and Hair fabulous.