Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Keep on doing your passion and it'll blossom into something beautiful.

These photos were taken around 7pm one night when I was in Byron Bay. Everything about it was perfect. The weather, the lighting and the warmth of the water. After taking these, I took my skirt off and went for a swim whilst the sun set behind me! Once again in white, I can't get enough of the pureness. It's soft, uplifting and a refreshing change from black.

Melia by Night shirt, American Apparel skirt, Calvin Klein bra and Samantha Wills earrings.

Photos by Melanie Savic.

The title from this post is something a very special friend said to me today, he oozes good energy and positivity. It's motivated me so much that I had to use it and share with others because it's so easy to give up or become disheartened, but having a passion for something (whatever it may be) is the first step to creating something beautiful. So I dedicate this to him because he is always there for me and I appreciate it very much so.

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lotdeux.com said...

this feels like a very personal post miss m, i love the pureness of the white on you as well, you look so free. byron is beautiful, it suits you.