Monday, August 12, 2013


Athens really is one of my favourite cities.

I often talk about it and people usually tell me they hate it. Which saddens me! Yes, it is not the most glamorous city. A lot of the locals are a little crazy (I prefer to say 'colourful') and it is a concrete jungle, but it has the best jewellery shops, frappes, delicious Greek food and most hotels have a rooftop so you can bask in the sunshine. I never do much other than shop, eat, drink, sunbake, explore the Acropolis and just enjoy the extrememely wild and carefree ways of the Greeks. And the best thing is, it rubs off on you! I wore no make up most days and I think I wore the same dress (almost) everyday!  

All the jewellery I have on in these photos I bought whilst in Athens. I gave myself a limit of 3 and I left with 6 and a pair of earrings.

Wearing Black Milk King Tut swimsuit and Tom Ford shades. 

Photos by Nicole Jakovidis.  

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