Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ruby Tuesday.

Thrilled to be wearing the latest Samantha Wills fine range, Masculine V Feminine. Tiny skulls are mixed with sparkling crystals to create the perfect balance of bohemian and luxury.

This project got me thinking if my style of dressing was masculine or feminine and I realised I'm neither here nor there, but yet a fitting mix of both.

The last time I wore rose gold, I was at The Louvre in Paris and now I'm back in Melbourne with a huge desire to rekindle my love for art, history, books, magazines, food, style and photography!

A huge thank you To Samantha Wills and Melissa Findley, two women who hugely inspire me in so many ways.

Wearing Karla Spetic Playsuit, Finders Keepers blazer/cape, Acne boots and Samantha Wills jewellery.

Photos by Melissa Findley.

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