Thursday, November 20, 2014


I think we're all a little 'asymmetrical' deep down. A bit quirky. Searching for something 'different'.

I fell for this pair of earrings at first sight. Maybe it was the black hematite and white pearl, maybe it was the yellow gold, maybe it was the fact that they reminded me of when it was cool to wear one earring back in the naughties. Whatever the reason, I'm glad they exist, and that they're mine.

I've worn them all weekend with numerous outfits. Dressed up for a Saturday night dinner, dressed down for a Sunday movie date. They just work with everything. In fact, the whole Estelle Deve collection is stunning. Elegant, unique, modern, cool! I'm really feeling gold for summer. And as for black and white, well, that never goes out of style!

Wearing Estelle Deve earrings from Save The Last Pinker, Calvin Klein bra.

Photos by me.

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Anonymous said...

Love these B and W photos of you x