Monday, November 3, 2014

Travelling Samovar.

I love this place so much! Yesterday was freezing and Nicole and I had brunch and decided to head to Elwood to get a smoothie at Combi, I took a turn to ditch some traffic and remembered this place was close by and couldn't think of a better way to warm up. (Sorry Combi, maybe another time!) 

The last time I went was on Mother's Day back in May, they had lanterns hanging from the roof and mum and I had tea, cake and bought some trinkets for home. The lanterns are long gone, but have been replaced with roses. 

The tea house offers the best hand picked teas, served in unique ways according to their style. 

Nicole and I shared a slice of the flourless chocolate cake, I had the jasmine pearls green tea and Nicole the traditional Indian chai latte. The staff are so warm and inviting, and when they bring you your tea (along with the brewing timers and all the tools you need to make the perfect cuppa) they explain everything you need to know about the tea and how to get the best flavour from it. 

Travelling Samovar, 412 Rathdowne St Carlton North. Open Wednesday - Sunday. 

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