Monday, February 1, 2010

Migliore amico.

This outfit was inspired by my best friend Nicole.

She is one of those girls that always, always looks good in jeans.
Myself on the other hand, thats a different story!
1. I think they make me look short! 2. I find them super uncomfortable and 3. I can never make them look 'good'

This is a typical errand outfit, i dont usually dress up on my monday off unless i have a dinner or lunch date planned and at the moment i am saving for my Euro trip anyway so my social life is quite uneventful.

I went to Mara Cino on Saturday after work, im in love with coin jewellery and wanted a bracelet simalar to this Von Treskow which i cannot afford! So i bought the coin bracelet and necklace im wearing and i am in love!

I hope you are all having a fabulous monday, i am eating homemade hedgehog and having a cup of tea!

Kain singlet, Lee jeans, Minnetonka moccasins , Prada sunglasses,  San Cerre bracelets (left hand) Bracelet and necklace from Mara Cino puckle st (unsure on brand) Noir ring.


Zoe said...

if you go to chapel street in the little market stall bit they have amazing coin jewellery, i brought a turqoise one with a coin, im going to buy more!

Megan said...

I think that's Mara Cino babe! They have a stall in the market part, they got House of Harlow on the weekend too!
I think i know the turquoise you have, I have the plain silver! Is it a really long chain?

Can't wait til I'm not saving we have to have a Chapel shopping trip! And Winter Kate will be out when I get back woo hoo!!!

Zoe said...

oh no mine is a bracelet! they had necklaces though! i dont remember the name!

i cant wait till you get back either! we havent had a shop! xx

Megan said...

I knowwww.

But i also cant wait for the shopping over there! Jewellery in Greece and Turkey!

I might buy a Chanel 2.55 over there in Paris!