Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Temporary tattoos.

They are suddenly cool again thanks to Chanel!
These are my favourite that ive seen, love to get these permanent!

Also dying over the platform clogs, I am a massive clog fan, always have been, always will be!


Belinda said...

LOVE the Chanel transfers. Id love to get a Chanel tattoo.

Im unsure about the clogs, but there is a nice pair of YSL slip ons inspired by clogs on browns right now.

on a side note - how skinny is her ankle bone!

Megan said...

She has very skinny legs!

Love the transfers, i wonder how much they are?!

I love the flat clogs, well not flat a platform but the heel isnt higher more like an everyday shoe that gives you height!


They actually arent that expensive, I read somewhere they are around £50 for a pack. I know they are transfer and will eventually dissapear but i think that is a good price for Chanel! xo

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