Monday, February 8, 2010

NW magazine interview.

What is the most worn item of clothing in your wardrobe?


I have so many amazing bags and jewels that i have been wearing black all the time so i can make the most out of them.

I do love colour! However, black is simple, glam and easy!

It’s Oscar night and you can be dressed by any designer, who would you choose?

Such a hard choice!
I would have to say Dior.
I cant go past Eva Mendes at last years golden globes. Incred!

What trend are you tired of?

Ballet flats! Moccasins are much more exciting.

If you could give any celebrity a makeover, who would it be?

Britney. See below!

Who is your celebrity style icon and why?
  I love Nicole Richie and Alexa Chung, however i would have to say Mary Kate.

Everytime i see a photo of her i am in awe of her style!

She epitomises everything i believe in (fashionwise) She takes risks and i admire that. I would love to have her wardrobe!

I also love Carrie Bradshaw, but that is a whole other story!


Anonymous said...

The clothes you buy are okaaaay, they don't really emulate any of the designers you like but I think they would
look less cheap and try hard if you had a different model. Who
is she? She doesn't exactly pull off the looks you're trying to create/copy..and those poses! Haha!

Megan said...

Obviously the model is me!

I am not a professional I am a 5ft fashion lover that has a bit of fun!

I cannot afford the designers I like so I stick to what I can afford and make do, I love my clothes and my style I also love designer, like any girl I dream over owning a Chanel bag or Balmain dress!

Thanks for your comment and your opinion.

I love to cook said...

I think the model is very her style, too!

Anonymous said...

I think you are amazingly gorgeous and you're style is fantastic!
Working looks with clothes from the high street can be a hard thing to do but you pull it off with a sass that not many people have.
It’s not hard to look great with money to burn and high end designer pieces but try to do it on a budget.
I think having a fashion blog takes a lot of courage, time and effort and a sharing person who can give up all there secrets.
I admire you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous its no wonder you stayed just that to post such an asshole comment. Fashion is all about different tastes, budgets and looks for everybody all shapes and sizes.
Keep up the great blog megan and remember great things come in small packages

Tricia said...

Megan, I think you are adorable. You have great style and I check your blog often to see what amazing items you are featuring. I think that you absolutely pull of the looks that you create! Keep up the great work! -Tricia

Megan said...

Thanks Tricia very much!