Monday, March 15, 2010

Style watch, Erin Wasson.

I got asked on my formspring to do some celebrity hot or not reviews!
I decided only to post celebrities that i admire, because if there is someone whos style i dont like, who am i to say its not hot?

Erin Wasson is such a dreamboat, I love everything about her.

I put a mix of her streetwear and red carpet events as they are very different but equally HOT!

I love the hippie look she has going on, the american indian inspired outfits and the way she styles herself for red carpets is jaw dropping. The long black blazer with leather pants blew me away.

I am also very in love with her jewellery line Low Luv
Just as Erin Wasson x RVCA’s January 2010 collection was inspired by Wasson’s imagined walkabout through the Southwestern desert, the pieces from her debut LowLuv costume collection seem like artifacts of that trip. Metalwork conjures traditional Mexican handicraft; etched symbols suggest ancient Native American glyphs; bold statement necklaces feel timelessly tribal. Per usual, however, Wasson’s distinctively streetwise style speaks through each piece, putting a modern spin on her ages-old inspiration.

Enjoy and be inspired by this quirky model as i am.

(All photos from google images)

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Anonymous said...

She is ridiculously HOT...I like your attitude as well, not to diss