Tuesday, March 9, 2010


These are some questions i have been asked on my formspring!

What is next on your "must buy" list?

I really would love to buy the Winter Kate jackets.

(Can you tell im obsessed? I'm ditching heels for winter.)

Everything from the Frances Smily website!

A collection of the Stylesstalker black dresses!

Any advice for other bloggers out there?

Be passionate and enjoy it!

I treat it as a hobby, it doesnt rule my life.

But i love doing it! And when i get good shots and comments i get so excited!

It takes a while for people to noticee, but they will... Just keep doing your best!

Are there any pieces from the Winter Kate collection that you will be buying?

I would love to but I can't afford any of it at the moment!

I have the ginger cardi!
My Winter Kate wishlist is:
The Opy (purple&green) Eden & Jasmine jackets!

Oscars best dressed

Diane Kruger and Zoe Saldana, amazing!

What are you planning to take overseas if you update your blog there ?

Alot of black and clothes I can layer! As it will be cold at first and then warm!
Alot of Frances Smily!

Minimal jewels as i'm guessing I will buy alot there!

i was looking at the san cerre site you mentioned what is your favourite charm.

Id have to say the St Anthony.
(Because i always lose things and pray, St Anthony please look around something is lost and has to be found!)
But if there is a certain colour i like i buy for the colour not the charm!
You can choose your charms if you buy online.

Your key pieces for A/W 2010?

Flat over the knee boots.

Black leather gloves.

Orange and nude/blush colours with black.

Doc martens.


Stylestalkers LBD's.

Lingerie bed jackets.
This is what I'll be wearing but everyones style is different!

I work in a corporate environment so can't really go to crazy with the clothes/jewels during the day. Any ideas on how I can work some "fashion" into my outfits?

So many things you could do!
Firstly check out http://www.sancerre.com.au/home/index.htm their jewels are great for layering and you can get softer colours. The charms are great my favourite is St Anthony because I always lose things!
Another way would be to jazz your hair up Mimco have some beautiful hair clips/combs that are so elegant and classy for work!
Frances Smily lingerie do great cami's and jackets that you can layer under a cardigan or under a suit!
Invest in some printed stocking eg: black floral, fishnet (flesh fishnets are so flattering and make you look tanned)
I could go on for ages but one last thing. A nice dress watch.
If you want more ideas just ask!

Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? - Mx

Magazines, friends, models, people on the street, celebrities.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your very honest answers - most refreshing

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry I left two messages I wasnt sure what I was doing however definately meant what I posted

Megan said...

Thank you! i'm always honest.